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Kamal’s new dimension

If you thought Kamal was done with taking up various tasks of movie-making, think again. This time, it is narration. A la Bachchan? The movie is Aran, starring Mohanlal and Jeeva and produced by RB Choudhary. The director is Major Ravi, who worked with Kamal in Aalavandhaan. This Tamil news item about the audio launch includes excerpts of Kamal’s speech flavoured with patriotism and also carries a photo of his new look.

New look, peer praise

Kamal is clearly into Dasavatharam mode. He has shaved off his moustache after a very long time, apparently to don various looks. Caught this first in the launch function featuring P Vasu’s son. Rajni is as open as ever in his praise.

More photos available on TamilCinema.com. Looking at Kamal and Jayapradha, it seemed like a far cry from the Sagara Sangamam (Salangai Oli) days…

VV update

Vaettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu continues to play hide-and-seek. There is even news that the movie has passed through censors already. Hope it sees the light of the day before the audience is fed up of waiting.

Himesh Reshammiya for Dasavatharam

Himesh Reshammiya is truly everywhere. When we first heard this news, it seemed like a rumour. Now, we’ve heard it over and over again and I guess we have to consider it authentic.

The guy is irritating but is also churning out a lot of foot-tapping stuff. I guess, for Kamal, it made sense to cash in on the hype. Also, with comedies, songs don’t really play a big part, isn’t it?

Jayaram on Kamal

Rediff.com has published a short interview with Jayaram, the Malayalam actor. Fans of Kamal would remember Chanakyan in which Jayaram first acted with Kamal, which surprisingly was not a comedy. Highlights from the interview other than the news that Jayaram is in Dasavatharam…..

  • People talk of ‘love at sight’ — in our case too, there was a kind of bonding on the first day itself.
  • …as far as humour is concerned, we share the same wavelength.
  • I was to act in Sati Leelavathi, in the role that eventually went to Ramesh Arvind.
  • In my opinion, Kamal Haasan is a better singer than an actor.
  • …I love watching him act.
  • He loves everything about Kerala including our fish and rice.

Thenali was truly a blast, with Jayaram getting almost equal opportunity to perform. Never mind who’s the lover boy and who’s the family man…