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Rare photos in Ritz

Rare photos are part of an interesting photo feature that appeared in the October issue of Ritz, a Chennai-based magazine. Thanks to UniversalHeroKamal.com, we get to see the cover story titled “Only Kamal”. Out of all the photos, ones of the early years might be the most appealing. The article also carries a short profile and some sound bytes from the man himself. Enjoy!

VV blasts away at box-office

Vaettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’s box-office performance has been truly surprising. Here’s the latest news: only a few Diwali releases have managed to beat VV’s earnings (at No.4 last week) in Chennai. There were reports that the gross has exceeded 60 crores (Indian Rupees) overall! All’s well that ends well?

Short movies on AIDS

Some news appeared a while ago on Mira Nair driving a project to make short movies on AIDS, with one of them being helmed by Kamal. Now, it looks like things have started rolling. Some more details are available as part of another story. Till now, only Nair seems to have talked to the press and not the other directors involved. Eagerly awaiting news on Kamal starting work on this.

Lage Raho Vasool Raja?

When Munnabhai returned for a second instalment, I was dreading the day it would be re-made in Tamil. I had felt that Kamal was disinterested in the original version (Vasool Raja MBBS) and did it only for friendship and money. Now, the news is out. Though the same producers have bought the re-make rights for Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, Kamal will not be featuring in it (hopefully). The anti-climactic situation is that Rajni may star in it. Howzzat — Kamal in Part I and Rajni in Part II?

Another interesting aside is that Kamal is said to be planning his next movie with Saran, who directed Vasool Raja.

More Dasavatharam, more Mallika

More and more rumours keep floating about Dasavatharam. This time, we have a character named “Udhaar Mani” and his portion of the story.

Meanwhile, Mallika continues to shoot for Dasavatharam and rave about Kamal.

Kamal Haasan introduced me to Monty Python. He introduced me to movies like The Holy Grail which is black, intelligent humour. I really had to concentrate hard to understand the movie.

US teachers met Kamal (2004)

Teachers and professors from Florida, USA met Kamal in 2004. The venue was Anna University.

Kamal spoke about:

  • Indian movies competing with Hollywood movies
  • A story titled Colour Dreams in Black and White
  • Distribution
  • His trips to Hollywood
  • Ananthu

If you can read Tamil, enjoy the entire article reproduced from Ananda Vikatan by UniversalHeroKamal.com.

Kamal remembers Srividya

Kamal has released a statement mourning the death of Srividya.

I have lost a good friend in her death. She had been great support and encouraged me in several endeavors. She was friend and a film critic too.

I cherish all those moments working with her. A pillar of confidence, Sri Vidhya fought her illness courageously in a dignified manner.

The film industry has lost an actress who was capable of doing any role.

Kamal visited Srividya just a few days earlier.

Kamal at FICCI FRAMES 2006


Kamal participated in FRAMES 2006, a convention dealing with the “business of entertainment”, organised by FICCI (Indian industry association). Kamal also delivered the Opening Address on Day 2, titled The Interplay of Technology and Entertainment.

I’ve been looking for the text, video or a news report on it and haven’t been successful yet. Finally, I chanced upon the above photo, graciously provided by Sahad. There isn’t enough even in the FRAMES archives.

See more photos on the FRAMES site, nowrunning.com and from press clippings (first in the list).

Yet another stupid controversy

Yet another meaningless controversy struck Kamal, possibly timed for Ramzan. Posters praising Kamal on the occasion of his birthday (more than 15 days away!) and comparing him to Prophet Mohammed sprung up in Chennai. This sparked off the controversy and thankfully Kamal quickly defused it. Read details on nowrunning.com and a crisper report from The Hindu (through PTI). In the process, a small political outfit derived some publicity.

The Hindu interview, 2004

Kamal spoke to The Hindu in 2004, after Vasoolraja MBBS. He talks about successes, low-budget movies and audience, rounding it off with a “rapid-fire” session. Excerpts:

I am behind by 20 years, but people say I am ahead.

Indian films Vs International films: Similar to roads. Too many potholes, manholes and a long way to go.

What he feels on seeing Kamal Hasan on screen: Very flattered, very ashamed and well paid.

Things you want to change about Kamal: Oh! Lots. A different name, curly hair, a few inches more height, six or seven inches lesser around the waist and two or three inches more in the head. But, I have accepted everything about Kamal.

Philosophy in life: Yet to devise. Like others I also casually pilfer, cleverly steal.

I have been experimenting continuously but in a slow pace right from movies like Moonram Pirai, Sakalakala Vallavan, Raja paarvai and Salangai Oli. It doesn’t mean that Raja paarvai was a failure and so, I shifted to other roles.

People don’t like to watch the same kind of movies all the time. A movie like Autograph was a hit because people liked it. Good movies made with a low budget should be encouraged.

Never blame the audience. They are mature enough and have every right to question and clarify their point. Until Sivaji Ganesan told me, I did not know that his movie Utthama Puthiren was a flop. It doesn’t mean that the movies are bad or your vision is blurred; probably the way it was presented is wrong.