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The public faces of Dasavatharaam

Time flies fast. It’s nearly 2 years since All Things Kamal was launched and we have reached the 300th post. With support from many like you, we are peaking along with Dasavathaaram. Here’s something special to go with the current mood!

Now that we have got a glimpse of the ten faces in Dasavathaaram and are waiting for the full deal, we would also realise that Kamal has undergone a metamorphosis in his looks during this time. Here’s the whole range!

Going through it, we can get some clues to which role(s) Kamal was doing at that point of time. Of course, the last one is the possible look for Marmayogi, which he took on after completing shooting for Dasavathaaram. I also feel some of the appearances were misleading. What say?

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods / Keerthivasan Rajamani]

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Dasavathaaram: trailer, stills and a lot more!

Here’s the whole load of Dasavathaaram info that has spread like wildfire, starting with the trailer. Then, we have the ‘making’ videos. We have one here and there’s more at Sify.com.

We have heard that the movie has been censored with a ‘U’ certificate and is 2 hours 45 minutes long. It is said to be releasing in the next few weeks. Read a report from Sify.com.

We have another interview of Asin, where she talks about her experiences. One piece talks about KS Ravikumar’s commitment to Dasavathaaram.

Behindwoods reported a few days ago that the Mayajaal multiplex in Chennai is planning 45 shows a day!

For more stills, check out Behindwoods, Sify.com and Galatta.com.

[With inputs from Ananth]

[Picture / video courtesy: BehindWoods]

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Dasavathaaram: audio release photos & reports

The barrage of multimedia information coming out on Dasavathaaram is truly mind-boggling. As we await to unleash all of that, first, we need to report on the grand audio release function of last evening.

The photos featured here are from Behindwoods. Though not of very good quality, they cover several aspects of the event.

Check out a lot more photos on Behindwoods, IndiaGlitz and Galatta.com. There are some photos from fans too, on Orkut.

There are detailed reports on The Hindu, Behindwoods and Times of India too. Even our friends on Orkut provided live updates on the discussion forum. One of the highlights of the function was talk of Kamal and Jackie Chan coming together in a movie.

Many fans were disappointed to not get an entry into the Nehru Indoor Stadium. Obviously, there was some chaos.

Read reports from the morning of the function at Behindwoods, News Today and Adhikaalai.com.

[With inputs from Ananth]

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

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Dasavathaaram: A-Day!

The audio launch of Dasavathaaram (note the change in spelling) is just about a day away and information has been flowing for the past several days. We start first with scanned images of the invitation, shown above and below. It clearly shows the time, venue and participants, confirming some earlier news and smashing several rumours.

Then, we have the scanned copy of the audio cassette’s cover. We can see the list of songs, along with credits. Again, we have several things cleared up.

Click for larger image

Finally, some more pieces of news:

[With inputs from Ananth]

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Dasavatharam outbreak!!!

With the Dasavatharam trailer out on Kalaignar TV yesterday and making way to YouTube within a day, the barrage is here! With the audio release function just a few days away, the fever has caught on for sure.

The trailer provides enough fodder to analyse for several days to come. It is done Hollywood style, with extremely short glimpses of various characters portrayed by Kamal and other actors.

The music for the movie has raised doubts through the two years or so. Now, the background music score (by Devi Shri Prasad) is satisfactory, suiting the tone of the trailer.

Almost all that we have heard till now seem to be true. Yet, the story is not really clear. Also, we await watching nuances of each of the ten characters.

Overall, the trailer is fantasically done, increasing expectations while not giving out too much.

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Kamal always in Vivek’s comedy scripts!

Editor’s Note:
Please welcome a new author, who calls himself Vadakkupatti Ramasaamy! He starts off with a fresh idea.

Kamal always features in Vivek’s comedy scripts!!! (I am not sure if they ever shared screen space together.)

Vivek’s comedy skills are very well known and so are his mimicry skills. This is entirely my observation. In every movie Vivek refers to Kamal either by dialogues or in some other form .There could be many reasons, they both had the same mentor when they started (K.B.), it could also mean Vivek’s admiration for Ulaga Naayagan. No matter what it means, his hit comedies always had something to do with Kamal. I have tried to list instances supporting my view.

  1. Vivek refers to Kamal in Anniyan (in the train, where he advices Ambi “Kiss panradhukku enna Kamal sir-aya koottindu vara mudiyum?” )
  2. In 12B, his auto garage is called “Aalavandhaan Auto Works”.
  3. In Thiruttu Payale, in Australia, the minute he meets Jeevan’s gang Vivek inquires “Dasavathaaram eppo varum?”.
  4. In Kireedam, he answers the phone by mimicking Kamal from VV as “Illa idhu SP Raghavan veedu”.
  5. In the movie Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, he uses the Thenaali ‘bayam‘ sequence.
  6. In Dhool, he uses the Aalavandhaan dialogue “Vilanga mudiyaa kavidhai naan” twice.
  7. In the movie “Ullam Kollai Poguthey“, he enacts the Guna hospital sequence.
  8. Even in a Vijay TV special programme where he dressed up as Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, he has someone saying “Idhu Dasavathaaram getup-aa, kiss scene undaa?“.
  9. In the movie Parthiban Kanavu, he makes references to the movie Ek Duuje Ki Liye and also mimics a dialogue.
  10. Everytime he is made to talk about Kovai Sarala, he definitely remarks “She was the heroine to Kamal Haasan” in many functions and interviews, including Vijay TV awards where he shared an award with Kovai Sarala.
  11. Even in the recently released movie Singakutty, he enacts Punnagai Mannan suicide scene (featuring Kamal and Rekha), with Malavika. Kissing Malavika like Kamal did evoked chuckles in the theatres.

Though the instances may be just my view, yet they are the hit comedies by actor Vivek. Many of the instances may be rubbing Kalaignani in a wrong way (referring to kiss!!); yet he is always a part of Vivek’s comedy script, but in my personal opinion it shows Vivek’s keen observation of whatever Haasan depicts on screen. Maybe, someday they may share screen space together in a comedy and make it rib-tickling fun.

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Gimme more (Dasavatharam stills)!!!

Here are some Dasavatharam stills released for music release publicity. Though we have heard about the Rangaraja Nambi character being drowned in the sea with the idol, this still surprises us with its grandeur.

As a bonus, we have a ticket used in the Avtaar Singh concert sequence, thanks to some fans (of Devi Kamal Fans Association) who participated in the shoot. Does the date on the ticket ring a bell?

Click ticket images for larger versions


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Opening up Dasavatharam further (new still)

Dasavatharam got opened up further today, with a new still and Kamal’s interview in The Hindu. Here are some highlights:

“Dasavatharam has a lot of Al Gore in it, and also Ramanujar,” he says.

“For one, there are 10 characters, ranging in scope from a Ramanujar and a Galileo to a particle physicist. Computer graphics bring to life many of the scenes.”

“Amitabh Bachchan will also be here,” adds Kamal. “Chan is well known to the producer. So he decided to invite him. It will be a grand event,” he says with a smile.

“I enjoy telling stories so it was a wonderful experience. And it’s been a great team, together with an understanding producer (Oscar Ravichandran) and a competent director (K.S. Ravikumar) at the helm. It’s not as though there were no egos but the project sailed smoothly thanks to frank and creative exchanges,” Kamal adds.

“It’s rare for a composer from the north to create tunes that allow the lyricist here to lend words with equal ease. Himesh has pulled that off. You will find in Himesh’s song, the joy of an M.S.Viswanathan tune. Those in the unit were initially sceptical but they fell for his music,” says Kamal.

No conversation with Kamal is complete without a reference to his mentor Ananthu. “He would always say, ‘keep it simple.’ I’ve followed that,” says the veteran. The humour and fun of ‘Michael Madana Kamarajan,’ the sadness of ‘Mahanadhi,’ the sentimentality of ‘Thevar Magan’ and the emotions of ‘Hey!Ram!’ are all woven into a screenplay that is irreverent enough to defy pundit-driven formulas. Yet, ‘Dasavatharam’ will remain faithful to time-tested storytelling techniques, he says.

[With inputs from Ananth]

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

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Some more Dasavatharam details

As we await the release of Dasavatharam, here are some details that have trickled in:

  • Anil Pemgirikar, one of the make-up artistes involved in the movie, talks about the pains undertaken by Kamal and the crew. Check out the IndiaGlitz article for more, including information about re-recording by Devi Sri Prasad.

    Each and every role demanded a lot of hard work and pain to the actor, informs Anil Pemgirikar, the co-make up artist. “For example, for the role of a 98 year old lady, the makeup process consumed eight hours per day. We shot for 45 days for this scene. But, you know, the scene runs only for fifteen minutes in the film”, says Anil.

    Similarly, informs Anil, Kamal watched all possible clippings of President George W. Bush for the scene featuring him and the unit shot the scene for 60 days. The screen time for the scene is just seven minutes.

  • KS Ravikumar talks about his joy of working on the movie, special effects, Tsunami sequence, etc.
  • Galatta.com reports that Brian Jennings, who has worked on movies like Scary Movie and Mortal Kombat, has designed the special effects for Dasavatharam.
  • One of the Tamil magazines has published portions of the lyrics of a song, possibly picturised on Avtar Singh, as seen in a recent still.
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Kamal in Kuchelan?

After the many murmurs, it seems like the news is true — Kamal will be part of a bevy of stars featuring in Kuchelan. The news seems believable, considering that the movie is produced by his mentor, K Balachander’s production house. Kamal has provided guest appearances in many of his movies from Thillu Mullu to Paarthaale Paravasam. Speculation though ranges from Kamal shaking a leg with Rajni to presenting an award to the latter.

[With inputs from Ananth]

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