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Social service @ Dasavathaaram’s 50th day

As part of ongoing social service activities through his fans’ association, Kamal distributed ceiling fans to orphanages and old age homes in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This function was also arranged to coincide with the upcoming 50th day of Dasavathaaram.

Check out the report and more photos at Behindwoods and IndiaGlitz.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

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Marmayogi updates: Rahman, Bachchan & more

Not much information has come in since the last post on Marmayogi, especially the authentic kind.

There has been some talk of the music by AR Rahman. In a function felicitating him, we heard that Kamal sent in a video message. With South Africa, Switzerland, Latin American music and a story set in the 7th century in the mix, Kamal and/or the media keep our heads spinning.

Also, Kamal had expressed his desire to have Amitabh Bachchan on board. The efforts don’t seem to have fructified yet.

Meanwhile, after pounding us for long with Kajol, there was a brief flutter caused by the media throwing up the name of Shriya Saran. Finally, it seemed like a rumour circulated by the lady herself for the sake of publicity.

[With inputs from Ananth]

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

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Wedding of Vairamuthu’s son

Last month, when we were all reeling under the Dasavathaaram tsunami, Kamal found time to attend the wedding of leading lyricist and poet Vairamuthu’s son. Also participating alongside were Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi and colleague Rajnikanth.

IndiaGlitz and Galatta.com carried a large collection of photographs. Enjoy!

[With inputs from Ananth]

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Gautami on Kamal & Dasavathaaram

Sudhish Kamath, for The Hindu, interviewed Gautami, Kamal’s present companion. She provides some interesting insights into their relationship and also a level-headed look at Dasavathaaram. Take a look at the highlights before reading the whole article.

“He was Kamal Sir to me. He still is, but in a different way. He was one person I looked up to and thought the world of. With every level that I’ve gotten to know him, from the audience to star to his co-star to… He’s an immensely strong person, very, very compassionate. These are things that are never seen or heard because he never speaks of himself and people who know him don’t speak much. It is about sharing little joys, every moment, every day, it’s about the 24 hours… I think both of us felt that and it grew to the next stage.”

I have learnt perseverance from him. I have seen him go through all kinds of issues. He’s never ever come home with work tension. The kids will be all over him, the dogs will be over him and he’ll be playing with them. He would’ve probably left behind something of great magnitude back at office… He knows to compartmentalise.

I have never ever thought of telling him what he should be doing… he’s the master craftsman. I think that’s the root of this admiration.

“…I got married, I figured out how relationships work. I had a daughter, lost my parents. I understood that a relationship has to be participated with mutual respect and equal effort from both parties; if not, it’s not something I would like to spend my life on. So, I went about shaping my life with something I am happy with and with people I am comfortable with. Then, I fought cancer and I came out of that and did Dasavathaaram.”

“…My daughter needs to grow in an environment that is loving, wholesome, where there is no stress, where there is no kind of pressure of any kind…”

When it was finally ready, as he was watching it and being critical of himself, I was in complete awe. He’s done something that will, years later, give people encouragement.

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Post-Dasavathaaram interview in Sathyam Cinemas magazine

The latest issue (July 2008) of S, the magazine from the famous Sathyam Cinemas of Chennai, features an interview with Kamal done shortly after Dasavathaaram. Kamal speaks frankly about the business aspects of the movie in the cover story titled “Colossus of a Different Kind”. He also reveals that he’s trying to rope in Amitabh Bachchan for Marmayogi. Here are some portions for a quick taste.

What brought about Dasavathaaram?
It was a sort of a vague; not a very scientific analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of other projects and an assessment of the existing competition, that got things started. There was also a lot of thought about why some films do well and how even very good ones, simply go down the drain.

Just making Dasavathaaram alone would not have been sufficient; a release pattern like this combined with the product is what is making it work so well.

Never before has a Tamil film been released on this scale. We have very successfully countered the piracy market. Only the very lazy, like couch potatoes will watch it on DVD. Anyone who can go out for an idli, a paan or cigarettes can’t miss seeing the film in a theatre.

Especially women, who say it is like watching an old MGR film. I don’t know what I did right, but I hope I can do it again.

And the lesson we learn about films is that, no one person can claim responsibility for it. It is a democratic process and a great deal of teamwork. If at all anyone can take credit, it is the person who says it is good. But even he is not alone for just a few cannot make that difference. Film ultimately is the most democratic art form I have ever seen.

…people are commenting and there is a paper and explanations doing the rounds on the net–some have taken up arms against it and are for it.

To me the ascent of man in itself is a mind-boggling thing. And Darwin’s theory is something I believe to an extent. In fact, if somebody asks me what gothram I am, I always joke and say Darwin gothram. What I do try is to keep fit. For ultimately it is the survival of the fittest.

The cover of the magazine has a wonderful photograph of Kamal in black-and-white, while the article is decorated with stills from his famous movies.

Download your free copy and enjoy the whole interview!

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Kamal in Hyderabad, Kochi for Dasavathaaram promotion

Post-release, Kamal visited Hyderabad and Kochi to meet the press and promote Dasavathaaram. Accompanied by KS Ravikumar at both locations, Kamal provided interesting insights.

IndiaGlitz reported in text and video formats on the Hyderabad event. Watch the long video to enjoy Kamal’s answers to several questions from the media. Chennai 365 covered the meet, wonderfully capturing an array of his expressions in the form of photos. Rediff.com, Sify.com, TeluguCinema.com and Behindwoods carried some of the highlights of the Q&A. Sitting in the Taj Krishna hotel, Kamal declared that Dasavathaaram had received the biggest opening in his career.

At Kochi, Kamal revealed that the incident in MGR’s life was an inspiration for Avtaar Singh getting cancerous cells removed by a bullet shot in Dasavathaaram. Read reports from The Hindu, The New Indian Express and IndiaGlitz.

[With inputs form Ananth]

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Marmayogi ahoy!

Amidst the Dasavathaaram euphoria, news of Kamal’s movie has found space, even if sometimes just to fill the lack of news of the former. Marmayogi is said to be launching this month in Mumbai. Atleast the press has shifted the date from 13th (Sify.com | IndiaGlitz | Thatstamil | Galatta.com | Chennai Online) to 25th (Galatta.com | Behindwoods | Chennai 365). The movie is to be co-produced by Pyramid Saimira (Behindwoods | Webdunia) on first-copy basis.

Several rumours have been flying around. Kajol is said to the heroine (The Times of India | Galatta.com | CineSouth | Chennai 365). Hemamalini was confirmed by Kamal himself at the Dasavathaaram audio release function. But whispers are that she plays the villain! Another certainty is AR Rahman as the music director (IndiaGlitz | Galatta.com).

On the technical side, we have Kamal trying out new things, as usual. This time around, it is the Red camera (IndiaGlitz | Webdunia).

Kamal has been talking about it here and there. Check out other news at Behindwoods (1 | 2), IndiaGlitz and Tamilcinema.com.

[With inputs from Ananth]

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