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Confusion regarding ‘A Wednesday

With no confirmation on the remake of A Wednesday or any other project, confusion reigns supreme, especially regarding the former.

UTV, which owns the rights for the movie, is in trouble. Kiran Koneru of Shreya Films has sued them claiming that they promised the Telugu and Tamil rights to him, but backtracked and sold it to Kamal. UTV responded by saying that they haven’t sold the rights to anyone. (An interesting aside is that JD Chakravarthy, assigned to direct the remakes, is an ardent fan of Kamal.)

On the other hand, the media has been reporting with great conviction that Mammootty was first asked to co-star but later Kamal settled on Mohanlal. Read reports from The Hindu, OneIndia (1 | 2 | 3), Sify.com, MSN, Webdunia, Vannathirai, IndiaGlitz, Behindwoods and KollywoodToday.com. As you read these, you will also see that some of them speculate that Thalaivan Irukkindraan is the name of the re-make!

Amidst this, fans direct prayers towards their ‘Aandavar‘, awaiting an announcement.

[With inputs from Ananth]

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Kamal in USA, Dubai

With fans awaiting impatiently for some kind of announcement about his next movie, Kamal has made a short and ’secret’ trip to USA / Dubai. The Hindu spotted him in New York standing in a queue at the Apple Store, awaiting his turn at the Genius Bar! Also, some fans sighted him at the Dubai aiport.

No details have emerged; so, it’s not clear what the purpose of his visit was. His visits to USA have always been regarding movie-related work. His stop at Dubai could have been part of transit though. But there was a rumour few months ago about a felicitation programme there. If we find out more, you’ll find it right here on this blog.

[With inputs from Ananth]

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Marudhanayagam launch poster

Thanks to Sandiyar Karan!

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Dasavathaaram dominates 2008 recaps

Recaps of the past year is common in the media — print, television or Web. We’ve had write-ups from November itself and well into January. Here we look at a few of them, dominated rightly by Dasavathaaram.

Kamal topped the list in the UK box-office performance on Sify.com, while the movie itself was the No. 1 Tamil hit of the year. He was also declared the top hero for 2008. They also had an article (in Tamil) which talked about the hype and impact of the movie.

Gulf Times reported that Dasavathaaram was the top grossing Indian movie (not just Tamil) in Qatar.

On the print side, Ananda Vikatan honoured Kamal with “Vikatan awards” for best actor and best screenplay. The Hindu talked about Dasavathaaram’s dream run alongside Kuselan’s debacle.

ChennaiOnline.com praised Kamal and the movie. Thatstamil covered Dasavathaaram, putting it right at the top of the list of great hits and flops of the year. Similarly, IndiaTimes had it among the best movies. He was the “most successful hero” as per HinduCinema.com.

If you come across any other such reports or articles, drop it onto the Comments section.

[With extensive inputs from Ananth]

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The plan for 2009

It’s almost two months since anything official emerged from Kamal. There has been confusion involving Marmayogi, Thalaivan Irukkindraan and many other rumoured ventures. We sought help from reliable sources and here’s what they came up with. Take it with a pinch of salt, as they themselves don’t have a clear picture.

  • Kamal has indeed bought the remake rights of A Wednesday, as rumoured. Kamal will do this movie quickly before starting on other ventures.
  • Marmayogi will resume after this.
  • There will be a break in between to accommodate 19th Step where Kamal is playing an important role.

Sounds reasonable? Read on for what’s been going on in the media.

A couple of Web-sites including ChennaiOnline.com reported that Kamal and Prakashraj were in the race for acquiring A Wednesday. While some felt that both could do the movie together, Mammootty is the rumoured co-star. While Mammootty sounds like a relishing prospect, the media coming up with his name after rumours of Mohanlal for Thalaivan Irukkindraan doesn’t seem like a co-incidence.

19th Step , a 50 million-dollar project, has been confirmed by Asin on several occassions. Kamal is said to be playing the role of a veteran Kalaripayattu expert. Check out news from The Hindu, Screen and Chitramala.

Another minor rumour was about Kamal doing a guest role in Maganae En Marumaganae directed by TP Gajendran. The makers supposedly want him to deliver a message on organ donation. We all know that he personally has gone all the way and donated his body for medical research and study.

While fans have mixed views of these ventures, they are more interested in Kamal making a formal announcement soon and kick-starting work on a new project.

[With inputs from Ananth]

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