Unnaippol Oruvan / Eenadu release in September

Though Kamal never committed to it, fans expected Unnaippol Oruvan / Eenadu to release on August 12, the 50th anniversary of his entry into movies. With that date just around the corner, it is obvious that it’s not going to happen. The movie is now expected to hit theatres in September. Reliable sources cite post-production delays as the real reason.

The media, as usual, chip in with their own speculations. Check out Express Buzz, Thatstamil, Behindwoods, IndiaGlitz, IndiaGlide, IdleBrain.com, SivajiTV and MetroMatinee.com.

[With inputs from Ananth]

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

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24 Responses to “Unnaippol Oruvan / Eenadu release in September”

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  1. gowry says:


  2. Hearta says:

    Don’t compare that movie with UPO.

    Infos coming that Nonthasamy is the Re-make of ‘KRISH’- A Hindi blockbuster of Hrithick Roshan. The symptoms r there for Nonthasamy 100% UTTER FLOP.

    @ above

    Don’t start a FIGHT here. Remebe, This is “KAMALJI AREA”.

  3. Pradeep says:

    Dear Gowry
    A legend like Kamal does’nt need to be afraid of a starter and imitator like vikram.You know vikrams name is because of his passion towards kamal and his film vikram.
    Vikram doesnt stand a chance to even remotely think of acheiving kamals variety.
    But i completely agree that he is one of the best of the younger lot comparing ajith,vijay,vishal,simbu,dhanush likes.Surya is the other actor who is going great guns.
    Vikram has got to prove himself against Surya but this talk of yours is kiddish to say the least.

  4. gowry says:

    hearta, do u know that UPO IS ALSO A REMAKE?!!! And to u pradeep, if u think my comments are kiddish u should check out what other websites are reporting!! to date UPO has failed generate the kind of curosity the way dasa did…ANYWAY U REALLY HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME THAT DHOOL DID THRASH ANBE SIVAM SO MAYBE KAMAL IS BEING EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS!

  5. saran says:

    Hello gowry dont compare dhool with anbe sivam. After all dhool is a masala movie. And there is no need to prove that our kamal is also a vasool raja in the box office.(eg worldwide hit of dasa).So please keep quiet and dont scratch your masala head. Anbe sivam is not a movie but it is an epic which cannot be understood by a masala head like u.There are many more box office actors. BUT ONLY ONE QUALITY ACTOR IS OUR DR ULAGA NAYAGAN KAMALJI.

  6. Raj says:

    Let producers worry about the box-office. You just worry about good movie, good taste, etc. These flop-culture, especially negatively talking about other actors is just so idiotic. Just enjoy good movies or your favorite artists. Don’t waste your brain with negative poisons; ooh, sorry, I just forget that you don’t have anything to waste!

  7. randramble says:

    Yes, the Dhanu-related rumours are going around. Here are some links from Ananth:


  8. gowry says:

    pls give one reason why he is called ULAGANAYAGAN when he can’t get theaters to release his movies even in tamil nadu itself!rajni has captured japanese market and has a legion of fans over there while kamal is struggling to survive in tamil nadu. so why the title ULAGANAYAGAN? TO ALL KAMAL FANS EXPLAIN IF U CAN!

  9. raj says:

    Dear gowry, i think ur going very rude here, u didnt understand that even unnaipol oruvan audio launching didnt happen yet, so how u think the movie is going to hit the theaters, u i think that u dont know about Unnaipol oruvan status, 1st the movie still going on post production works and the second thing is the movie acted by three superstars in diffrent language, mamothy and venkatesh so planning to release in the other two language also,
    And about ur statements that kamal Hassan cant get theaters, wow best comedy ever that we
    heard, u dunggu u know who bought the rights of the movie, its KALAIGNAR TV, U ASSHOLE

  10. gowry says:

    so why the title ulaganayagan? explain that…..and everyone knows by now that producer thanu has booked all the theaters blocking upo!upo will released only after kandaswamy finishes its 175 day!

  11. raj says:

    Kandasamy will not run at malaysia as what the producer expected, cause even their posters look very small at local theaters at malaysia, while UPO posters at very big, and in malaysia
    kamal has more fans compare to vikram , so very hard for vikram to survive at malaysia
    Kamal and rajni movies and running very well at malaysia, not surya , vikram, or vijay
    and i think kandasamy cant even cross ayan box office collection, real stupid thanu wasting his money, we here at malaysia will make sure the movie cant get bigger here, we will prove it
    nobody can beat kamal or rajni, u stupid asshole gowry, even im a hard fan of rajni, i still
    support kamal for his acting skill, dont even think that kandasamy will come close to

  12. gowry says:

    still why the title ulaganayagan? all kamal fans answer if u can!!

  13. gowry says:

    if kamal is vasool raja why still nobody willing to finance his marudhanayagam?????!!!! ulaganayagan!!what a joke!

  14. Ravishankar says:

    Dear Gowry

    You should not think blindly. You need to analyse certain things. Kanthasamy is a big budget film, normally expectations will be there. Also, thanu’s big budget film have not ever succeeded in box office in recent times. If kamal releases UPO at the same time, there will be a chance of getting any one of the film become flop. But if they release the film in various dates, both the films will become a hit. As a producer i’ll think like this only, it doesn’t meant that we’re afraid. It’s a business strategy. Regarding title is concern, it’s most opt for him because he’s a unique actor and a perfectionist. It’s doesn’t relate to the collection in the box office.

  15. gowry says:

    thanks for ur view ravishankar but media is already playing up this issue because of the hatred of thanu towards kamal which can traced back to the mega flop aalavandhan.

  16. Murali says:

    curd rice is most eaten do not mean that its the tastiest. Amirtham is each and every Kamal’s picture. For his movies people dont mind spending the money to watch. Rest of the movies want to simply equate the price to that level, but it cannot sustain for long.

    Also, Tamil cine industry is closely networked and when somebody spent a ton of money in a movie the rest of them stay away to not spoil the fortune of the producer. Big artists like Kamal are practicing this for a long time. Circuit people know this.

    Kamal’s movies are most sold worldwide and hence the title Ulaganayagan.

  17. Valluvan says:


    Ulaga Naayagan title doesn’t mean he is the top most hero among all in the World. Being a die hard Kamal Fan and my friends (Kamal Fans)we know the reality. But it is some thing like calling someone with love and affection. Like a Mother calling her Child with love ‘En Thangame, En Raja’ etc. That doesn’t mean that the child is really Gold or King.

    Rajinikanth is also called as Super Star. Before him MGR was the Super Star and even before him M K Thyagaraja Bagavathar was the Super Star of their times. But both MGR & MKTB were never titled as Super Star. They had their own unique titles. Even in North Rajesh Khanna was called as Super Star before Amithab. Such titles are only a honour for their achievements and is not conferred like University degrees (Bachelor, Master etc.) rated with measurable marks & performances.

    In his early days Kamal was called ‘Kadhal Ilavarasan’. Does this mean he was the heir of Gemini Ganesan (who was called ‘Kadhal Mannan’) ruling a Kingdom of Love?

    And as Raj told, let’s enjoy a movie, an actor’s skills, plusses, minusses, story telling, entertaining values, realism in the movie etc. etc. Why as Fans we need to worry about commercials of a film, which has its impacts only on Producer, Actor and others related to the film. If as a fan you enjoy only commercial success, then there is no need to go and see the movie. Hearing the news on commercials itself would be enough isn’t it? If you like a movie enjoy or if you don’t just ignore. Do not aruge movies on commercial basis. Here in India we have a very bad culture of categorising Actors based only on their commercial success. All the wonderful talents they possess are ignored. This happens in case of Kamal films too. I rate Anbae Sivam and Mahanadhi as the best movies than Sakalakalavallavan and Dasavatharam in all aspects. I hope my friends also will agree. But it is unfortunate that people only hail success of Sakala… & Dasa… as great and totally ignoring the best aspects of Maha… & Anbae… just because the response at Box office was not that encouraging.

  18. randramble says:

    Valluvan: In line with your name, your comments were balanced and solid. Good one!

  19. gowry says:

    to all kamal fans , extremely sorry for the rude remarks.just read a interview by vikram who said kamal is his guru.

  20. Deepak says:

    Kamal is greatest , Please dont compare him with any actors in India ……………………..

  21. Valluvan says:

    Hey Gowry

    Come on yaar. You were not rude and need not be sorry. You seeking sorry shows your great attitude. You are simply great. This is a democratic forum and anyone has got liberty to post his/her views unless the criticism is personal and unfair. We being Kamal fans do not just blindly support whatever he does as done by fans of other Actors. We are too affectionate towards him and we want his performance to glitter more and more and move towards global standards. If Criticism will help that we welcome them. Let’s all participate in healthy discussions. You are most welcome to post healthy criticism on Kamal’s movies. That’s what Kamal also would like from his fans and others. I hope all my friends (Kamal Fans) will also agree to this.

  22. M. KEERTHIVASAN says:

    Gowry, you are wrong in pointing kamalhasan as a great actor, not commercial actor. It is pity that you did not measure kamalhasan properly. Initially, he was more of a commercial actor, whereas super star was a brilliant character actor in the mould of great t.s. balaiah. But only after the hit of badshah in 1995, rajini was considered to be another mgr, whereas he is way ahead of mgr and kamalhasan because both are technicians rather than actors. Rajini can feel the character easily and spread it to the public effortlessly but kamal is always struggling and always overacts like sivaji ganesan and mgr, but even sivaji, and mgr had done that because of unavailability of technologies in those days. Hence kamal is a fool whereas rajini is the true character artist of tamilnadu even though it is not reflected in his recent films.

  23. Pradeep says:

    Keerthivasan should be given nobel prize for the best invention of the year,way to go mate.Even Rajini would be amazed by your invention.

  24. balankamal says:

    keerthivasan u r the worst fool in this world because u r like donkey,understand what i mean,neyalam kamalai pathi pesa vanthudda,rajini nai tamil padathaye nasam pannidhan intha letchanathil intha nai true character artisam,super comedy of the year,siripa adaka mudiyalai

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