Golden Jubilee: Kamal Express rolling!

As part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations organized by Vijay TV, “Kamal Express” rolled out of Chennai on August 24, as per plan.

The bus left from AVM Studios and was flagged off by AVM Saravanan. It is apt that the bus originated from here since Kamal’s first movie Kalathur Kannammaa was shot here. Others present included Aksharaa Haasan, Subbulakshmi, Rama Narayanan and VC Guhanathan. Read more from The Hindu and Behindwoods.

IndiaGlitz has a video and photos for a peek into the bus, speeches by the guests and more. Also, check out Galatta.com, Behindwoods and Chennai365 (1 | 2 | 3).

Several members of the Kamal Haasan Orkut community were there, including Shankar ‘Ulagam’. Check out their celebrations and posters in these photos.

The bus was also sighted at Puducherry (Pondicherry). Did you catch the bus anywhere? Let us know your experiences in the Comments section!

[With inputs from Ananth and photos via Shankar ‘Ulagam’]

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16 Responses to “Golden Jubilee: Kamal Express rolling!”

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  1. Hearta says:

    கமல் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்


  2. Gunaseelan says:

    As a person he is leaving a bad example for the youngsters to follow.
    Utter disregard for the valued and honoured Marriage system which God had instituted for the
    well being of human race.
    Marriage is honourable among all and matriminial bed undefiled - says bible.
    Thie Gentlemen had thrown this invaluable and a just pathway to cover up his wayward ways.
    May be a talented actor(?), yet a bad example for yourger generation to emulate.
    He had to repent and set right his wayward ways not only for his salvation, but also because the
    younger generation look up for role models and they are certainly likely to be misled if he continue to
    justify his wayward ways. He must remember that he has tremendous responsibility to the society, moreso
    because he is popular. It pains to see him making fun of marriages.

  3. Kamalfan says:


    Kamal was just giving his opinion and he never ask anybody to follow his ways… He is just trying to say that marraige does not play a big role in a family. For example, the bond between sruthi haasan and him and by the way he is an atheist.. so he does not really follow the bible… Just keep in mind bible is not the only and main source worshipping… but still you have to respect is decision and explaination… i think is quite reasonable… If you want to know more in detail go to www.ndtv.com/yourcall and see the kamal interview he got talk abt his marraige, break ups, religion and so on.. You will get a detailed explaination from he himself.. Sorry if i have hurt you in anyways… this is just a reply.. Pls don take it too harshly… Was just trying to help… =)

  4. Hearta says:



  5. randramble says:

    Bus spotted in Dindivanam, Pondicherry and Thirunelveli…

  6. randramble says:

    Bus welcomed in Tenkasi…

  7. randramble says:

    Madurai fans gave a rousing reception! Bus in Coimbatore on Monday…

  8. Valluvan says:

    Hi Rand

    Why not this site have a reference or links of all Kamal fans blogs and sites, so that an effective network of Kamal fans is created?


  9. kumar says:

    Kamal is bold and open man. i could see this in his interview. He cannot act in real life. Long Live Kamal and let your service continue for years to come..

  10. KamalPriyan says:

    Enjoy the following TV programs that celebrate our dear Kamal. What a precious gift Tamil Nadu got through this versatile person!!! It is our luck to live in his era. It will be very hard to get another talented artist who can rule the industry and accomplish the way he has been doing it.

    For all his versatility and achievements, he is very much grounded and never shows off his unmatched talent by comparing him to the other (mostly average) colleagues who work in the same industry. May he live long and give us more quality entertainment for many more years.

    Among all the stars, who thrive with a limited skills, he truly built his multi-dimensional skills step by step and showed us all sides of his true potential. A golden period of this masterful artist, that deserves this celebration. Thanks to Kamal for inspiring a generation of fans and for giving so many high class movies. In my view, he portrays a balanced mix of both MGR, Sivaji Ganesan, and much more.









  11. straighttalk rajesh says:

    hai valluvan,
    how r u?

    I just want to know ur blog address..can u leave it to me to discuss further..

  12. Valluvan says:

    Hi ST Rajesh

    Sorry I could not see your message for long time, since I was travelling. I’m fine. I do not have a blog Rajesh. Do you have one? Let me know so that we discuss.

    Seen UPO. I have. I’ve seen the original too. But Kamal and team had justified the basics of remake. Yes any remake should be ‘REMADE or RECREATED’ and should be ‘COPIED’. UPO team had done that.

    We will discuss more.

  13. straighttalk rajesh says:

    me too dont try writing blogs specially..just to kill time while surfing made me responding to such pages where we met initially..but while such pages are giving wrong notions and try teasing our views with improper manner scrutinizes me to write..and to become a member to some blogs,I have been forced to keep a blog for my own..but still, I didnt started writing..I had sent a pvt.hot mail in response to that blog author for not publishing my reply and giving access partially to some idiotics to critisize the family of our likeminded people..If you want to view that mail pls drop anyone of ur mail-id..

  14. Valluvan says:

    Hi Rajesh

    Mail me to

  15. Velmurugan Renganathan says:


    மனதை உலுக்கிய அந்த நொடி… :-(


    @RR: Home page is glorious!But there is no link to blog; new visitors can miss the writings in the blog. ur attn pls…!

  16. riju says:


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