Unnaipol Oruvan high quality trailer, right here right now!

[Courtesy: PassionForCinema]

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7 Responses to “Unnaipol Oruvan high quality trailer, right here right now!”

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  1. vasoolRaja says:

    Thalaivan irukiran……….of course that is kamal and he has prooved it.

    The trailer is amazing and the background music is a exiting!!

    The quality of the movie is sure to be a real treat!!

  2. Hearta says:

    Trailer superb !!

    கமல்ஜி !

    ” நீர் அழகன்யா ! ”

    KAMALJI is so handsome in this usual getup in UPO. Movie is going to be the SUPER HIT !!

    A REAL TREAT is waiting for ALL KAMALJI FANS in this September.

  3. Qalandar says:

    Good trailer — I like the shots of Kamal working in his subterranean lair, imparting a mythical touch …couldn’t help but smile at that English accent, that is vintage Kamal ha ha ha. Lal as expected underplays the role relative to Anupam Kher — there’s a certain world-weariness to this character, and at times I felt Kher seemed a bit too fresh in “A Wednesday”…

    [Editor: SPOILER BEGIN]
    Aside re: Kamal’s beard: I think the beard is also the way the film will try and mislead the audience by suggesting that the caller might be a Muslim (in the Hindi film, the effect was achieved by some markedly “Urdu” phrases used by Naseeruddin Shah). The point as I read it wasn’t to in fact color the character thus (he might or might not have been anything), but to perhaps shame the audience by film’s end, as we have been conditioned by various such representations to assume certain things; we are those to whom such things “matter”, precisely the mindset the caller wants to get out of, as he wants to speak in the name of an “ordinary man” who is “before politics”/identity as it were…
    [Editor: SPOILER END]

    Overall, not just because of the casting but even the film’s technical values etc., this looks to be better than A Wednesday…

  4. randramble says:

    Good observations, Qalandar! But let’s avoid giving out plot details too much since there are many who are waiting to watch Unnaipol Oruvan, avoiding A Wednesday

  5. Qalandar says:

    Apologies, that’s a fair point. I would request that you delete the second paragraph of my comment. I will re-post once the film is released…

  6. Qalandar says:

    BTW, must say Shruti Haaan is talented: I like what I am hearing of the background music so far.

  7. Ajith says:

    I agree with Qalandar. Also there is no doubt (going by what I’ve heard in the trailer) that Shruthi Hassan has been picked up on merit & not because Kamal Hassan is her father. Let’s wait & see how she performs in the movie, when it’s released!

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