Kamal’s new poem on Srilankan Tamil issue

Here’s a brilliant new poem from Kamal, that appears as the first one in a collection titled “Eezham — Mounathin Vali“. Thanks to Envazhi for bringing it to us!

காக்க ஒரு கனக (AK) 47

நோக்கவும் தாக்கவும் ஒரு நொடி நேரம்

தோற்கவும் அதே கண நேரம்தான்

ஈயம் துளைத்துக் கசிந்து சிவந்த

காயம் தொட்டுக் கையை நனைத்து

விண்ணே தெரிய மண்ணில் சாய்ந்தேன்

முன் காக்க மறந்த அமைதியைக் காத்து.

மாட்டுத் தோலில் தாய்மண் அறைபட

பூட்ஸுக் கால்களால் கடந்தனர் பகைவர்.

விட்ட இடத்தில் கதையைத் துவங்கச்

சட்டென இன்னொரு குழந்தை பிறக்கும்

அதுவரை பொறுத்திரு தாயே, தமிழே

உதிரம் வடியும் கவிதை படித்து…

[With inputs from Ananth]

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10 Responses to “Kamal’s new poem on Srilankan Tamil issue”

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  1. RAGHU says:



  2. randramble says:

    Related news from Behindwoods

  3. Riju says:

    Anybody pls help me with the English transalation of this poem.I dont know to read TAMIL,am a MALAYALEE.and a die-hard kamal fan
    MY e-mail ID:rijukureekattil
    Hoping tht smebdy help me with English Transalation……

  4. Dr.P.Padmini says:

    Kamal Haasan is too good and the whole world knows it. The poem is an expression of not merely his pain
    but his attitude towards the problem, i.e. the struggle never ends… to quote Sharukh from Om Shnthi Om,
    “Picture abhi bi bhakhi hai”. Hats of to Kamal the evergreen hero of world cenema and the versatile
    personality who makes every Indian proud.

  5. Bharath says:

    @Riju and all who dont know to read tamil, I tried translating the poem.
    But the realistic touch of the poem(meanings/contents in b/w lines) might not be reflected in this translated one.

    To save is AK 47
    to watch and attack is one second
    even for failing is the same second
    pierced lead shed reddish
    wound touched hands drenched
    watching sky fell in the ground
    saving the forgotten peace earlier.
    Grinding my motherland in between cow’s skin
    passed the enemies in boots.
    To continue the story where it stopped
    comes soon a baby born
    wait till then mother,
    reading blood shed poems of tamil…


  6. riju says:

    Thank You Bharath

  7. saravanan says:

    Kamal is great . One of the Gods of Tamil cinema. In many aspects he is my guru .But I am worrying nothing is come to practice and nothing is materialized except in our mind. If kamal practices his idealogy apart form cinema that would be great…. not like doing blood donation like his unique cinema.

  8. aminkhan says:

    hy sir how r u ur very good im ur big fan and like ur old movies plz tell me in movie zara si zindagi ur in this movie or not

  9. juven says:

    Thanks kamal for supporting us boycott sri lanka and standing up not going for their movie awards.

  10. arun says:

    sir brilliant sir ……….i will do anything for u sir ……

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