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Kamal in U Me Aur Hum!

Okay, don’t get confused by the title! It indicates references to Kamal movies in the just-released U Me Aur Hum and some ‘inspiration’ from them too. Here are the instances I noticed:

  • Ajay Devgan uses the funny exchange from Avvai Shanmughi (and Chachi 420) and Kajol uses it back on him later:

    “How do you know that?”
    “You told me.”
    “Just now!”

  • There is a dialogue which mentions how even doctors are forgetful these days, leaving behind watches and even mobile phones inside the patient’s body after a surgery. Pammal K Sambandham, anyone?
  • Then, we have a long monologue by Ajay Devgan which refers to Ek Duuje Ke Liye and the “Hum bane tum bane…” song in it.

Now, we don’t know who got inspired by Kamal movies — Ajay Devgan (also the producer / director) or Ashwani Dhir, the dialogue writer. But we can be happy to see references to Kamal in a well-intentioned movie.

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Waiting for Kamal — a reporter’s experience

Here’s a superb piece by Geetika Sudip, a reporter of The Hindu who is also a mad Kamal fan. She recounts her efforts to meet Kamal during his trip to Thiruvananthapuram to inaugurate IFFK in December. Here are a few interesting snippets, but you really have to read the whole article which covers the time over 32 hours or so.

Curtains were finally drawn on the IFFK 2007 to reveal Men-in-Black Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan rubbing shoulders at Nishagandhi. My moment of truth had arrived, there was no denying it. There he was, in flesh and blood! As I savoured the moment, my phone blinked: Madame S, my boss. “Kamal’s going to be in town all of tomorrow. Can you do his interview?”
Like, would you like to inherit the Kohinoor?

Enough was enough. I thumbed down the first vehicle in sight and hot-wheeled it to Kovalam. You might do a lot of things, but you can’t give up on Kamal without a fight. Ennal mudiyum thambi.

I sank into the swamplands of despair. One last hope led to one last note:
“Ten minutes of your time
That’s all I truly ask for
Being asked to wait is no crime
But I need to leave at four!”
The Big K is unmoved.

It took me a while to spot the dapper, handsome man among the tables. Then he stood up – Nayakan’s Shaktivelu, Pathinaaru Vayathinile’s Chappani, Indian’s Chandra Bose, Michael Madana Kamarajan’s Michael, Madan, Kameshwaran and Rajan.

[Inputs from Karthikeyan, Sridhar]

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