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Dasavatharam buzz

All has been quiet on the Dasavatharam news front for quite some time now. But rumours have been floating around and there has been some buzz nevertheless.

After oscillating between Diwali and Pongal, the film release date might well be December 21, the Friday before Christmas. The audio release might be in October itself. That is not really some consolation, as most fans are not sure of what Himesh Reshammiya is going to come up with.

In the end, we are back to the long wait, which, we are confident, will be well worth it.

Kamal in Hyderabad

Kamal was in Hyderabad a few days ago to promote Raghavan, the Telugu-dubbed version of Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Idlebrain.com put up some nice pictures, including tight close-ups. IndiaGlitz topped it with its usual array of photos plus a video. The speeches are short, with Kamal talking partly in Telugu. The video itself starts off with the racy title track (in Telugu, of course) playing in the background.

Fans from Hyderabad had lamented that the pre-release publicity for this movie was really low-key. The producers seem to be making up by getting Kamal and Gautham to attend this event now. With the movie trying its luck at a time when twin tragedies have struck Hyderabad, this late effort should help anyway.

IndiaGlitz even reports that Kamal confirmed doing a straight Telugu movie.

Kamal & Rajni to act together again???

Junior Vikatan, the Tamil weekly, possibly broke this news / rumour. And it’s the mother of all that we’ve heard before — Kamal and Rajni are planning to act in a movie together again! Dinakaran and Thatstamil (both in Tamil) too carry the same ‘news’.

The common aspects of all these reports are that it’s a story of friends and that Kamal will feature only for about half an hour. Other speculation includes the director being Mani Ratnam or KS Ravikumar, the title being ‘Chakravarthy‘ and the movie being produced by Kamal. Of course, another rumour has it that such a movie was attempted and that it didn’t work out.

Just like Kamal and Rajni watch seriously in the photo above, we too await official confirmation.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

Which is Kamal’s next movie?

Usually, the announcement for Kamal’s next movie comes towards the end of shooting of the present movie. Dasavatharam is drawing to a close, but we haven’t heard anything concrete yet. The one planned with Saran got dropped and then it was P Vasu. But there have been other rumours too. The latest one is that Kamal is doing a movie in Telugu, that too producing it himself. Other additions to the rumour mill are Ameer and Lohitadas (Malayalam director often linked to Meera Jasmine). As usual, we await official word with bated breath.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

Dasavatharam continues in relative silence

There have been murmurs for some time now that Dasavatharam may be further delayed, with the release pushed out to Pongal (January 14). Somehow, songs still remaining to shot seems unbelievable. While we await confirmation, let’s continue with the rumours and teasers.

Kamal spoke to NDTV recently. Watch the video, where he cryptically confirms few of the rumours doing the rounds. He promises that the movie will go beyond the “gimmick” of him playing 10 roles.

Meanwhile, the rumours seem to have hit a peak — Behindwoods talks about employing atomic bomb explosions under the sea for the tsunami said to be featured in the movie!

[With input from HAL2211]

VV in Telugu


Vaettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu was earlier to be dubbed as ‘Magadheera’ in Telugu. After playing more hide and seek than the Tamil version, Raghavan is finally releasing, around a year later than the former. Let’s await the response to a different masala movie from Teluguland.

Poster courtesy: http://www.vettaiyaaduvilaiyaadu.com

Hrithik, mind-boggling numbers & more

Kamal doing a movie with Hrithik Roshan is the latest rumour. Adlabs is said to be behind the movie, which is a bit surprising since Kamal was in talks with UTV. And if you thought the numbers involved in the movie with Hrithik are unbelievable, take a look at Dasavatharam’s. More background information (in Tamil) is available on Viduppu.

Getting back to Dasavatharam, it is said that Asin has no duets with Kamal in the movie. Meanwhile, the story-related case goes on in the courts (in Tamil again).

Star night, Green Week

News has been floating around about the South Indian Artistes Association aka Nadigar Sangam organising a star night at Singapore to commemorate 75 years of Tamil movies. Seem to have been done at short notice, it’s doubtful whether Kamal and Rajni will make it. The last time when such a function was organised in Singapore and Malaysia, the duo created a huge impact. There is even talk of another event in San Francisco. Now, that would be most welcome for yours truly!

Meanwhile, Kamal inaugurated Green Week celebrations at Olympia Technology Park in Chennai. The idea is to promote environment friendliness. The Hindu has a report while Sify.com has photos.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

Dasavatharam get-ups revealed?

Dinathanthi, the Tamil newspaper, claims to have got an exclusive preview of Kamal’s 10 get-ups in Dasavatharam. [Thanx to Hemanth Kumar!] Though they haven’t published photos, they have come up with sketches (that look like cartoons). Here are some highlights, which include description of some roles:

  • Only 9 roles have been revealed. The tenth one is held in suspense.
  • The roles include: (i) 4-foot, 90-year old granny with a hunch-back, (ii) a dark, low-caste man, (iii) a white man in his 70s who is also the villain, (iv) a very tall and hefty man with a bald head, (v) a Chinese / Japanese man with hanging moustache, (vi) a middle-aged man, (vii) US President George W Bush.
  • The basic story is Kamal and Asin going in search of something and encountering the various characters on the way.
  • Tsunami is featured in the climax

There is no mention of the Vaishnavite role, which was included in the official press release. By now, I think there have been around 20 characters that have cropped up in the speculation. Maybe, it’s just better to keep our fingers crossed and wait for them to emerge on screen.

Dasavatharam: gimme more!

Behindwoods reports on Dasavatharam, as the shooting draws to a close. The piece talks about the amazing tsunami set, helicopter-based scenes remaining, multiple characters played by Kamal in the same scene and so on. The shooting is said to be spanning 280 days — a mammoth figure atleast for a Tamil movie! IndiaGlitz has some similar details.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]