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Bommalaattam audio release

Bharathiraja is back with Bommalaattam, after yet another hiatus. Kamal and others participated in the audio release function. Here are some photos.


Seen in the above photo are Panchu Arunachalam, Bharathiraja, K Balachander, Illaiyaraaja, Kamal and Arjun (L to R).

Kamal and Bharathiraja go back a long way, of course. Bharathiraja provided the opportunity for Kamal to experiment in 16 Vayadhinile and Sigappu Rojakkal.

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

Mayyam, Rasi Azhagappan & more

Rasi Azhagappan speaks about Kamal, Mayyam and more. Rasi had worked with Kamal Haasan as an assistant director in Raajkamal films like Apoorva Sagodharargal, Michael Madana Kamarajan, Magalir Mattum, Thevar Magan and Virumaandi. Being part of the Raajkamal ‘circle’, he was also involved in story discussions. Before working as the editor of Mayyam magazine (brought out by Kamal fans’ association), he also served an assistant editor for the Thaai magazine. He has released several poem collections and also directed a movie.

In the article, among other things, he speaks about how Kamal has always wanted his fans to broaden their knowledge and tastes beyong cinema, to literature, politics and general awareness.

Rasi also talks about a couple of poems written by Kamal — the first, shortly after his daughter Shruthi’s birth (a typically hard-hitting one, questioning the dogma of religion and superstition) and the second letter, written at a later period for Shruthi.

Excerpts from the first one:

சுதந்திர(மான) கவிதை

மன்னன் சொல் கேளா
மக்களை வழி திருப்ப
மதம் என்று சொல்லி வைத்த
மார்க்கமெல்லாம் எந்தனுக்கு
பொருந்துமோ அம்மா?

Rasi also reveals that the ’seed’ of Marudhanayagam was planted during the photo session for the cover of one of the issues of Mayyam magazine.

Read on (in Tamil) and enjoy some memorable photos too…

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Kamal’s poem in Ananda Vikatan

Kamal’s poem recently appeared in the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan — guess it will be available through vikatan.com too. It was reproduced in a couple of places.

The poem seems to have political undertones. If someone has a good explanation, please post it as a comment here.