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Kamal’s thoughts, on Independence Day

On the occasion of India’s 60th Independence Day, I chanced upon some of Kamal’s thoughts on the Indian flag and patriotism in general.

Every year I hoist my National Flag in my terrace and sing my National Anthem. This habit was to let my children enjoy the same naive patriotism that I enjoyed as a child. It has become a habit.

The flag solicits a certain emotion like the insurance company symbol or the medical symbol or the Red Cross. No symbol is worth the cloth it is printed on if it empowers dictators or facilitates division. I, by mindset, would like to stretch borders. I think patriotism as per lore is quite ridiculous and impractical. I am a dreamer who dreams of a war free silk route. When that happens we can proudly and legitimately call America as nephew Sam. We will then be the big uncles by any global standards.

Read more on the site of Flag Foundation of India, established by Naveen Jindal.

Short movie on Chennai police

The short movie made to commemorate the 150 years of Chennai police is out. As predicted earlier, it is like a documentary (remember “Films Division”?), with interludes featuring prominent stars of Tamil industry. Though some messages are useful, it is tacky as expected and has political sycophancy too. Check out Kamal around the 15th minute in this video brought out by KollywoodToday.com.

Pot-pourri news

[Picture courtesy: BehindWoods]

Birthday events

Kamal had a practice of celebrating his birthday with his fans. Each year, a function was organised featuring some Tamil literary people, holding a few competitions and also involved some donations. Last year, he was shooting for Vaettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu in New York. This year, it was Dasavatharam. Is Kamal moving away from celebrations?

Anyway, some Kamal fans, part of the Narpani Mandram, continued the tradition this year. They donated computer-related stuff to Thai Thamizh school (backed by lyricist Thamarai). Some photos too are available. Kamal himself had donated 50,000 Rupees to the same school earlier.

Short movies on AIDS

Some news appeared a while ago on Mira Nair driving a project to make short movies on AIDS, with one of them being helmed by Kamal. Now, it looks like things have started rolling. Some more details are available as part of another story. Till now, only Nair seems to have talked to the press and not the other directors involved. Eagerly awaiting news on Kamal starting work on this.