Kamal A2Z
An Alphabet a Day Keeps Kamal Never Away

From ‘A’ to ‘Z’, for each letter of the English alphabet, you can choose a movie (involving Kamal) starting with that letter and send in their thoughts, tidbits and so on. The best entries will be published.

Send in your entries right away to randramble AT gmail DOT com, with the subject-line as “Kamal A2Z Submission”. Write anything about a specific movie — what you felt, what you know — but don’t review it. Simple enough?

You can refer to the Wikipedia page on Kamal or Jagadish’s site for the Kamal’s movie list.

The hope is to ultimately have a collection of all movies involving Kamal.  Let’s celebrate, let’s enjoy!

Check out the entire series.

Lyrix in Pix
Picture a Song

We bring to you lyrics of one classic Kamal song per post — not just the words, but in an image. Nostalgia, here we come! This concept is the brain-child of Shankar ‘Ulagam’, yet another creative fan from Kamal Haasan Orkut community.

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